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Welcome to Third Intelligence Training Institute, a subsidiary of THIRD INTELLIGENCE LTD, a corporate security firm empowered by Law of CAMA 1990 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria:

1. To go carry on business as a security firm for the protection of persons and properties. To provide industrial and residential area security services.

2. To train, to provide security guards, patrol officers, investigator, protective chauffeur; mobile vehicle patrol, crowd control services, and private investigators, vehicle tracking services.

3. To engage in sales, installations and maintenance of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), access control, video door phones and other security-related equipments and devices.

To work with the relevant security agencies in providing modern security services through advanced technology. Use of modern technologies, intelligence gathering and counter-intelligence in detection and unraveling of security problems.

4. To enter into arrangements with police and procure relevant licenses, permits, and approvals necessary or desirable to carry out the objects of the company.

5. To carry on business as organizers of exhibitions or act as intermediaries between local and foreign companies/individuals engaged in the business of exhibitions, conferences, seminars and workshops.

6. To do all such things as may be considered to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.

Third Intelligence Training Institute trains and retrains both students and members of the law enforcement agencies as well as agents of Criminal Justice System (police, courts and prisons); for the purpose of efficiency and optimum performance. The need for every member of the public to possess basic awareness on security of lives and properties, however, is growing alarmingly.

The advent of Third Intelligence Training Institute is to complement the various efforts of the governments at all levels (local, state, national, regional and global) to provide adequate security to lives and properties of mankind. Crime phenomenon has remained very cantankerous and inimical to the existence of mankind on the surface of the earth.

The need for proper security awareness in the society has become very indispensable, and as a matter of necessity, an inescapable lesson every member of the society must learn due to the increasing manifestations of the adverse effects of untold hardship orchestrated by the multifaceted nature of criminality in the society. Crime as a social phenomenon, has also become an omnipresent temptation in which mankind has become vulnerable. And no one is immuned against it on this planet earth! According to Emile Durkheim, a sociologist, crime is normal in every society because no society is free from it.

Crime has been and will continue to be a conical issue in the affairs of homo-sapiens, the most intelligent specie of the animal kingdom known as Man. In any given human society, crime has existed since the days of yore to plague human beings in form of threatening their corporate existence - to endanger their lives, properties and environments. In modern times, threat to live and properties has remained a constantly touted phraseology as well as a pointer to the fact that it is a dangerous phenomenon which must be properly studied, discussed and thoroughly investigated when it eventually occours.

Moreover, Third Intelligence Training Institute is not unawares of these global challenges, thus, serving as a reliable palliative for the prevention and reduction of crime in Nigeria and beyond; by providing the requisite information and relevant security and intelligence trainings to her teeming students.


Third Intelligence Training Institute offers the following courses:

1. Basic Awareness in Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Operations (BACII 101) is a course designed specifically for people (male/female), who are interested in understanding the dynamics of human behavior, especially as it relates to crime and criminality in the society with particular reference to the Nigerian context.

This course is highly recommended for students, researchers, practitioners and stakeholders in the justice industry. Scholars in the following fields will find it extremely useful:

a. Law

b. Criminology

c. Security studies

d. Psychology

e. Peace studies

f. Sociology

g. Political science

h. Management

i. medicine

j. Law enforcement

k. International Relations and Diplomacy.

2. Advanced Diploma in Secretarial Administration, Computer and Intelligence This course has been specially designed for confidential secretaries, personal assistants, court clerks, managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, government workers and indeed members of the public who live in no other world than this world of 'letters and digits'!

Our series of researches have proved to us that not everyone who has gone to school, particularly the university or other higher institutions of learning can confidently write and conform strictly to the rules guiding secretarial and editorial enterprise. Thus, the need for company secretaries, personal assistants and captains of industries to be properly trained has become very necessary.

English language and indeed every other known languages spoken on earth has rules and other distinctive grammatical variables which must be strictly followed either in oral or written communications. Nevertheless, many people, literates and illiterates can speak the English language, depending on individuals' environment, exposure and communicative acumen. But the test of competence is proven in written English.

And that is why it is very important secretaries, personal assistants, receptionists, administrators, domestic house wives who serve as a back-up to their husbands and who may be mandated by circumstances to act as deputies in the absence or even in the case of sudden or timely demise of the initiator. Everyone who must write with his or pen on paper is hereby implored to apply and tap from this wonderful training and an uncommon opportunity to attain secretarial excellence!

3. STAFF AWARENESS TRAINING (SAT) Staff Awareness Training is a special course designed for management-base training as a way of creating and maintaining an enduring business relationship between employers of labour and employees in any given business or services-base corporations; be it private or government.

Third Intelligence Training Institute offers a certificate course on this subject and as well delivers this service to organisations upon demand.

We also conduct Staff Efficiency Trainings to both private and government establishments to boost employers-employees' efficiency and further promote an enduring mutual business relationship between the two parties for optimum business operations.

Benefits/Mode of Delivery The following are the enormous benefits that business owners can derive from engaging in Staff Efficiency Trainings:

a. To train and retrain staff and employees with the view to understanding, communicating and practically living out organizational vision and policies for mutual gains.

b. To build and maintain mutual trust and harmonious business relationship through improved staff-management communication.

c. To create, maintain and ingrain the sense of collective responsibility as well as economic security in the minds of employers, employees, customers and contractors; by extending an invitation to us to showcase our expertise in management-staff relations.

d. To boost employers-employees morale for better performance through dual-understanding of common business ethics, rules and regulations and above all, sense of economic security.

e. To assist the organization digest her organizational policy and maximize profit and organizational growth.

Staff Efficiency Training (SET) involves not only staff training but also entails: Interviewing, Testing, Coaching, Recruiting, Morale-boosting; and Fishing out inefficient and redundant and ghost workers from both private and government organizations. Our series of researches as intelligence organization have proved to us that enduring business relation and effective profit maximization to a great deal, depend on the degree of employer-employees relationship in communication and mutual; and shared sense of collective responsibility.

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Aims & Objectives

To assist both government and private organizations, local, foreign and regional corporate organizations and individual clients with intelligence, information, counseling, sales and installation of latest security equipment, single or joint-security operations and manpower development trainings; to enable them achieve their security goals and demands.

PHILOSOPHY: Our philosophy is based on the understanding that darkness can never comprehend the Light.

Management Team

THIRD INTELLIGENCE has in its Management Board: Joint-Task-Force comprising of ex-Military Intelligent Officers, ex-Police Detectives from Criminal Investigating Department (CID); ex-officers of the State Security Service (SSS), world-class dynamic and professionals who understand the language of intelligence and the operations of modern security. The details and profiles of our team of experts are withheld for obvious security reasons but may be made available on special demand. For more information please call or visit our Base Station.

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