Specialist Services

THIRD INTELLIGENCE LTD provides a wide range of general and specialist security services to individuals and corporate organizations in Nigeria and collaborates with other foreign agencies to track criminals no matter the complexity of their networks and technologies.

Our services cover two broad areas of security, basically physical security, and asset protection and management.

INTELLIGENCE TRACKING SYSTEM: We install reliable tracking devices, monitor and track vehicles and fleet of cars for companies and individuals. Our eagle eyes which combine both human and artificial intelligence mechanisms distinguish us to be very unique and efficient in our field of expertise.

Intelligence gathering and private investigation is what we do best! We use state-of- the- art technological equipment and highly trained personnel with vast experience in covert/combat missions for the gathering of information and tailing.

In our intelligence operations, no stone is left unturned and that is what makes us different when it comes to private investigation and professional security services!

RESCUE SERVICES: We at THIRD INTELLIGENCE arrange and respond to our clients' calls in times of distress and extreme emergencies including night hours! We also provide special machineries for conveyance of VIPs and delicate but legitimate goods and persons. We value and accord great priority to executive protection of VIPs, goods and service delivery at all times.

Your safety is Our utmost concern ... Think reliable Security, think THIRD INTELLIGENCE! Call or Consult our Rapid Response First Aid Ambulance or our Mobile Safety and Rescue Patrol. WHEN:

1. Accident occurs

2. There is a sudden health challenge

3. Pregnancy is due late in the night

4. Stranded on transits (airports, parks, etc)

5. Danger is sensed in corporate events or at home

6. Life is seriously threatened for being a witness against criminals.

EXECUTIVE PROTECTION: Both our Male and female officers offer a high level of discrete protection as well as executive transport system, driven by highly qualified chauffeurs to any part of the country including trans-border arrangements.

Our agents have signed an oath of understanding to use themselves as human shield for the safety of our clients. Thus, the safety and comfort of our clients are taken very seriously!

CROWD CONTROL: is very critical for event management and for companies in remote locations including ensuring that dangerous weapons are not taken into the venue. We inspect and control access (in and out of premises), to all facilities, to avoid trespass or damage. We also carry out a thorough surveillance and counter-surveillance before the event and also carry out a detailed surveillance in the day of the event using advanced digital techniques/metal detectors to monitor the area and report appropriately.

BACKGROUND CHECK: THIRD INTELLIGENCE has been reputed to be a specialist when it comes to background-checking of all persons, be it individual or corporate. Background checking involves knowing your employees or customers beyond what they told you or what is written in the "Know Your Customers" {KYC} Form.

Background check is one of the most effective tools for crime prevention. It helps to track and apprehend any recalcitrant staff, customers and contractors, who defraud or run away with company's products of any kind ... cash, material resources whether fixed or moveable.

THIRD INTELLIGENCE knows your customers or employees even to their remotest villages! Part of our background check areas are: 1. Criminal background and capacity

2. Credit worthiness/ credibility background

We all need to check people or organization that we intend to do business with at any point in time, in order for us to save ourselves from unnecessary and undue loses and emotional stress often associated with fraud, embezzlement, and white-collar crimes.

Background checking is the only antidote for curbing and curing the problems of unforeseen circumstances; and has been adjudged globally as most reliable means of crime prevention!

Third Intelligence maintains high level of secret and privacy protection, therefore, information gathered for this reason are classified "Top Secret" and are always directed or delivered to the most appropriate person of office that really need it for legitimate purposes.

WITNESS PROTECTION: is another relevant aspect of corporate security service that we offer to our teeming clients. We make sure that we conceal the identity of witnesses that are to testify against criminals in the society in order to make our environment crime-free.

We have in our possession safe houses that are used for the purpose of witness protection and clients that are under serious threat to their lives; either during criminal investigation or court process can feel safe under our custody!

INVESTIGATIONS (Private and Commercial): Third Intelligence Agents engage in Consultative and Discrete Investigation (CDI) works that are performed by highly trained personnel, using world-class latest forensic/surveillance equipment and software.

Our personnel are highly trained to gather useful clues, information and evidences from criminal suspects and their accomplices. We maintain high level of professionalism when it comes to covert missions and operations. No matter the location of a criminal, Third Intelligence will track and arrest him or her in Nigeria and across the West African frontiers!

Our team of highly-trained computer engineers, software administrators and forensic scientists can recover lost or deleted data from the following storage devices:

1. Hard Drives (HDD) and USB Flash drive recovery

2. SIM card data recovery

3. Digital Camera data recovery

4. Digital Pictures Data recovery

5. Memory Card data recovery

6. Removable media data recovery.

AIRPORT PICK-UP: We offer Airport drops and pick-up services to VIPs and for corporate events in any parts of Nigeria.

Our Services are available to individuals as well as corporate and governmental organizations.

SPECIAL POLICE ASSISTANCE: We have highly-trained Secret Service Officers assisting in both State and Federal (National) investigations to unravel high profile cases, providing modern security services through advanced technologies, intelligence gathering and tracking; to assist and support police, State Security Services (SSS), the military and other relevant agencies of the law enforcement and members of the criminal justice systems in their works.

SPECIAL TRAINING PROGRAMMES: THIRD INTELLIGENCE TRAINING INSTITUTE offers both field and classroom trainings to meet security demands especially in the following areas:

Executive protection.

Evasive driving for chauffeurs.

Security staff, efficient and intelligent secretaries and clerks, for offices, homes, hotels, schools, hospitals, building sites, etc. Surveillance and counter surveillance operations.

First Aid, health & safety measures and emergency management lectures on all security subjects and third party intervention in conflict resolution.

Staff Efficiency Trainings (SET)

Basic Awareness Training in Criminal Investigation and intelligence in order to train and retrain members of the law enforcement agencies as well as students in the relevant fields of studies like Criminology, Security, Law, Sociology, Psychology, etc to prepare them physically, mentally and emotionally towards the enormous tasks ahead of them!

Our team of instructors are seasoned professionals from both retired and active members of the law enforcement agencies, criminologists, psychologists, intelligence experts and legal luminaries. Contact Us

Aims & Objectives

To assist both government and private organizations, local, foreign and regional corporate organizations and individual clients with intelligence, information, counseling, sales and installation of latest security equipment, single or joint-security operations and manpower development trainings; to enable them achieve their security goals and demands.

PHILOSOPHY: Our philosophy is based on the understanding that darkness can never comprehend the Light.

Management Team

THIRD INTELLIGENCE has in its Management Board: Joint-Task-Force comprising of ex-Military Intelligent Officers, ex-Police Detectives from Criminal Investigating Department (CID); ex-officers of the State Security Service (SSS), world-class dynamic and professionals who understand the language of intelligence and the operations of modern security. The details and profiles of our team of experts are withheld for obvious security reasons but may be made available on special demand. For more information please call or visit our Base Station.

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