Third Intelligence Journal on Security and Intelligence

We want to specially welcome you to the first edition of Third Intelligence Journal on Security and Intelligence. This journal is a monthly publication of THIRD INTELLIGENCE TRAINING INSTITUTE, which is meant to serve as a teacher to the society especially in promoting the ideals of security management, operation and consciousness in the minds of every member of the law enforcement agencies, students, researchers, government agencies, and for domestic users.

Security awareness and intelligence operations beyond common sense, have become indispensible tools which everyone is expected to possess in order to understand, communicate, educate and formulate ideas that can help to prevent crime and probe it when it eventually occours.

According to the South African White Paper on Defence 1996, “Security can be defined as an all-encompassing condition in which individual citizen lives in freedom, peace and safety, participate in the process of governance, enjoy the protection of fundamental rights, have access to the resources and the basic necessities of life; and inhabit and environment which is not detrimental to their health and wellbeing.”

This Journal will continue provide you with security and intelligence tips, articles, videos and any such information that can greatly assist individuals, corporate organisations and government agencies in planning and implementing their security policies in order to reduce risks and other untold security threats inherent in the society; and guarantee peace of mind, social and economic prosperity.

Third Intelligence Training Institute pursues scholarly, scientific, and professional knowledge concerning the advocacy, measurement, etiology, consequences, prevention, control, investigation and treatment of crime and delinquency in Nigeria and across the globe.

We are glad that the study, teaching and practice of criminology, security studies, law and penology are receiving the attention they deserve in Nigeria and we are committed to training and retraining students, researchers, members of the law enforcement agencies as well as all the stakeholders in the criminal justice enterprise in Nigeria and across the West African frontiers; towards understanding, communication and condemnation of criminal activities of all sorts and adhere strictly to the principle of rule of law, good governance and justice for all.

We hereby present you with the following Occasions for Carefulness (O/C) avoid:

• Overconfidence
• Overspending
• Over-speeding
• Overloading
• Overtaking unlawfully; and avoid
• Crime
• Criminality
• Corruption
• Camouflage
• Condemnation

Stay glued and enjoy the next publication!

Yours sincerely,
N.C. Mathew
Third Intelligence Journal of Security and Intelligence.