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We are committed to psycho-social growth and peace of fellow human being through advanced security technologies, intelligence gathering, advising/counseling, rescue operations, protective support and special training courses. The organization imparts discipline and good conduct in the lives of people through moralization management techniques, high standard conduct, with utmost respect to ethnic and cultural gender.

We provide necessary supports, seminars, workshops and vocational trainings to empower our personnel/officers for efficiency and optimum development. Every person and country we encounter has a chance for a better life in the society and in the world of uncertainties! We must continue to find the courage to make a difference. Nigeria here we come to secure lives and property!

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Aims & Objectives

To assist both government and private organizations, local, foreign and regional corporate organizations and individual clients with intelligence, information, counseling, sales and installation of latest security equipment, single or joint-security operations and manpower development trainings; to enable them achieve their security goals and demands.

Management Team

THIRD INTELLIGENCE has in its Management Board: Joint-Task-Force comprising of ex-Military Intelligent Officers, ex-Police Detectives from Criminal Investigating Department (CID); ex-officers of the State Security Service (SSS), world-class dynamic and professionals who understand the language of intelligence and the operations of modern security.

Intelligence & Ingenuity At Its Best

VISION: The Just and the Almighty God Himself protecting lives and ...

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MISSION: To give and maintain a world class security services...

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Our philosophy is based on the understanding that darkness can ...

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Third Intelligence has experienced Management Board ...

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